Bonaroo 2018 Recap

Mavis Staples delivered a powerful performance on the Which Stage, offering a powerful civil rights lesson to a crowd full of young people in the throws of their own political movement.

With the band playing behind her, Mavis proclaimed "This song that we’re gonna sing for you right now... It’s a song that we would wake up with in the morning and go to sleep with in the evening, back in the day" before opened the show with Freedom Highway, a powerful protest song originally written by her father "Pops" for their group The Staples Singers.

Mavis spoke about marching with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the struggles that civil rights protesters faced in their quest for equality. The powerful line "I won't turn around" from the 56-year old song rocking the crowd. USA Today recounted "We’re not sure four more powerful words will be spoken this weekend at Bonnaroo." Mavis closed the show with another Staples Singers' track I'll Take You There which Rolling Stone called "dutifully euphoric," declaring the legendary performance: Best Living History.

Mavis Staples